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Ewincher. The first genuine electric winch handle

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E-Wincher 2 complete, battery, bag, charger, inverter and the winch handle pocket include!

Ewincher 2 (engine 20% more powerful than Version 1)

"Yellow/grey" or "black and white" (Picture may differ).


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E-Wincher 2 - SMALL SET: Ewincher with battery, simple bag, charger !

Ewincher 2 (engine 20% more powerful than Version 1)

Only "black and white" (Picture may differ).


Attention: DHL and UPS shippings are only insured for EUR 500.00 

For deliveries outside of Germany therefore we recommend the higher insurance for EUR 28.00.
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additional battery for ewincher and ewwincher2

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Winch handle pocket for E-Wincher

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Product Information

Ewincher's extreme power and adjustable speed allow you to perform all possible maneuvers while sailing: hoisting, sheeting, adjusting sails, furling your genoa or even hauling a crew member up the mast.

One of the main difficulties for the skipper and crew is the sheer strength that sailing maneuvers require: hoisting the mainsail, adjusting the genoa, trimming the sails, stowing the genoa. This difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that crew members are rarely well-positioned relative to the winch/handle set. Ewincher is designed to perfectly assist sailing maneuvers without altering your natural movements: you’ll gain power and speed while remaining in an ideal position, without exerting any effort. It’s waterproof, lightweight, locks into the winch and has an ergonomic design: all the controls are at your fingertips.

With its standard size, it adapts to all deck layouts. Ewincher can truly be used right out of the box. Thanks to its battery and high-performance motor, you can head out all day without a problem allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasures of sailing.

With its 3 modes of operation, Ewincher is your new crew member that assists you with all maneuvers on your boat:

  1. In assisted mode: Ewincher does the work for you in the winch's 1st or 2nd speed
  2. In manual mode: you can use Ewincher like any other winch handle to make adjustments
  3. Combined mode: add your own speed to the handle's speed to reach exceptional hauling speeds

Ewincher 2 Features

  • Easy to insert into the winch socket, thanks to its ideal ergonomic design and very light weight (2.2 kg)
  • Electric assistance is easy to use, with all the controls located on the hand grip, allowing you to keep winching as you normally would, but with the addition of considerable torque (90 Nm) while ensuring precision (0 to 100 rotations per minutes or 160 in combined mode). You maintain the feeling of winching while considerably reducing the physical effort involved.
  • You can use the assisted or non-assisted mode, or both at once, to ensure maximum precision all while maintaining the feeling of winching.
  • You can use the Ewincher as a manual handle at any time. It’s always in the ideal position to limit your effort.
  • The removable, rechargeable battery lasts a very long time Waterproof

Why choose Ewincher 2 rather than an electric winch?

The cost

The price of a 40 electric winch is upwards of £2000 (without installation) per winch. In general terms, we prefer to electrify the mainsail winch that enables us to harden the mainsail and go up to the mast easily. It represents approximately a £3000 budget for a single installed electric winch, without any assistance on winches for the genoa sheets or the spinnaker.

With the Ewincher electric winch handle you can electrify all the winches on your boat for just £1900. Ewincher be used straight away, without any mounting or installation, on all winches . It can also be used to lift the anchor in the case that the windlass fails.


When installing an electric winch on a sailing boat, it is usually necessary to mount the motor gearbox inside the cabin. Depending of the size of the boat, the motor gearbox can take up valuable space under the cockpit, sometimes making mounting very difficult or even impossible. The electrics for the winch also need to be run and often extra batteries are required to sustain the additional consumption.

With Ewincher, the difficulties of installation can be avoided, it can be used right out of the box with ease on all the winches.

Load feedback, feel and risk of damage

Electric winches do not offer you any feel or feedback of load when hoisting or trimming. In other words, we don’t know how much tension we are exerting on the lines which can cause damage.

Ewincher offers powered assistance while offering the full feel and feedback that we are used to when using a standard winch handle. We can feel the intensity of the strain put on the rope, which allows sailors to immediately notice if a problem occurs (for example, a caught rope…).

The speed of an electric winch is not adjustable which means it is difficult to use an electric winch to make fine-tuned adjustments. It is recommended to use a standard winch handle avoid damaging something on the boat.

Ewincher has a progressive hauling speed 0 to 100 rotations per minutes or 160 in combined mode . This allows a fast speed on initial operation and slower speed when required using the powered assistance.

The maximum torque of electric winches is not adjustable. As such, if you keep pushing the button without paying attention, the winch will keep hauling and can damage the rope or the sail.

Ewincher is equipped with an adjustable torque from 10kg to 36kg of traction on the handle, it allows manoeuvring sailing boats up to 60 feet without damaging anything.

Electric consumption and weight

An electric winch weighs about 12kg to 15kg and can considerably add to the battery consumption on the boat.

Ewincher weighs only 2.2kg and offers a great autonomy thanks to its Lithium Ion battery: more than a day of sailing with only one charge. Charging time takes about 1h30 and consumes 7Ah (1.7% of a 400Ah battery stock)