Winches of all manufacturers in the world!

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New: With us you don't have to drill any new holes in the ship!

Use our adapter plates to continue using the previous holes or threads in the deck! 


We deliver in 10 mm seawater-resistant stainless steel V4A and prepared for countersunk head screws as standard. 

You can find our mounting accessories here.

 The largest selection of winches (of all major manufacturers) in Europe.

And here the video about the innovative Stemmler Winches. Perfect also for single handers: 

German engineering and made in Germany!

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The advantages of the innovative Stemmler Winch System:

  • Improved safety with the ability to quickly release your headsail sheet from any position!
  • Easy headsail handling!
  • Relaxed sailing without exertion!
  • Ideal for sailors with physical limitations



Is your crew able to release the jib quickly from the rail in the cockpit?

Can you adjust the jib sheet easily when sitting to windward or from helm?

Can you trim and release your jib while single-handing without leaving the helm? 

With the Stemmler Winch System you can !

Prototype of a Stemmler-Winch-Base working with a Harken 15 STA.

A new generation of innovative winch-technology. 

  • only one hand needed!
  • Easy trimming of sails from windward or the helm!
  • Easy jib trimming when single handing!
  • Ideal for sailors with physical limitations*

New winches and an innovative winch-system by Stemmler!

The largest offer of winches in Europe.